• Job Vacancy : Early Childhood Teacher

    Early Childhood Teacher.
    1. Pk-K
    2. 1 and 2.

    Qualifications, Skills and Experience::
    1. Preferable Degree in Teaching;
    2. Diploma with experience and/or specialization in Early Childhood Education,.
    3. Knowledge in Montessori Philosophy a plus.
    4. One (1) year work experience or desire working with vulnerable children.
    5. Literate.
    6. Good interpersonal skills.

    Please send Application Letter and CV to the HR Office, or to jobs@coptichospital.org

  • The right channel to complain

    The Coptic hospital recognizes & welcomes the full right of the clients and /or their families to complain.
    The hospital is very much happy with open doors policy to receive any complaint through the following ways: -

    **E mail : complain@coptichospital.org
    **Mobile number: - 0701629382
    **You are also most welcome to come physically and have a meeting with the medical director whose office is on the ground floor main building:
    The acting CEO whose is on office 3rd floor main building :
    or the hospital matron whose is office is on 5th floor main building.
    ** Filing a complaint against the hospital at the medical board or to the court of law.
    Please Note that any other ways of raising complaints against the hospital like using social media or other types of media will not be recognized by the hospital and the hospital will take the necessary legal action against the involved parties as we believe these are not the proper platforms to discuss such fine and confidential details touching our clients’ and their families 's lives.

    Thank you.
    Hospital management


    ENT Services Schedule


    THURSDAY'S 10 - 12Noon

    Cell: 0732-341241/ 0716-896965

    E-mail: info@coptichospital.org

    Experience professional care with minimal waiting time

  • Coptic Hospital Offer

    Free Surgeon Fee on Thyroid Surgery

    Cell: 0732-341241/ 0716-896965 / 020 - 2724737 / 2867876

    E-mail: info@coptichospital.org

  • Well Woman

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  • Coptic Hospital Kenya

    Cervical Cancer Awareness

  • Coptic Hospital Kenya

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    Coptic Hospital is a fully fledged hospital that ensures that a patient will walk in and be guaranteed of quality in any of the following clinics.

    • General and Endoscopic surgery
    • Pediatrics & Neonatal (well baby clinic, vaccinations,
    • Chronic Diseases Clinic (Hypertension, Diabetes, Liver Diseases, HIV/AIDS Management, Auto-immune diseases, Heart Diseases, )
    • Orthopedics (Arthritis, Trauma, Accidents
    • Pediatric
    • Cardiology.
    • Kidney Diseases.
    • Psychology.
    • Ear, Nose and Throat.
    • Immunization(KEPI vaccines available)
    • Well Woman Clinic (Cancer Screening, Breast exam and other lab tests)
    • Obstetrics adn Gynecology.
    • Urology (Urinary system diseases, Male infertility and impotence)
    • Dermatology (Skin diseases)
    • Neurology (for nerve conditions)
    • Psychiatry.
    • Eye Clinic.
    • Cancer Screening Program.
    • Counseling clinic (Stress management, trauma, post disaster management)

  • Delegates Visit

    Mr. Sameh Shoukry, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Mr. Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour, Minister of Industry and Trade, visited the Coptic Hospital in Nairobi, where they were received by H. G. Bishop Paul Bishop of Mission Affairs and a number of hospital staff. They were taken for a tour of the hospital’s different departments. Two years ago, a modern hospital building was established but still unfinished. The honorable ministers appreciated the excellent medical services provided by the Coptic hospital. The honorable Minister for Foreign Affairs of Kenya, Amina Mohammad thanked the Coptic Church for the special spiritual, medical and humanitarian support being offered to the people of Kenya